You make a difference in the lives of Tulsans

Making a difference has never been easier.  Just follow these simple steps to get started.

1) Register with Serve Tulsans HERE.

Create a personal account and tailor your volunteer opportunities by individual skillsets and interests, as well as track your volunteer hours logged.

2) Find the perfect volunteer opportunity HERE.

Search for volunteer opportunities by interests, skillsets, keywords, and other areas.  Once you find an opportunity, you can sign up or request more information from the organization directly through the listing. It's that simple!

3) See the good work being done by organizations across Tulsa HERE.

Here you can find brief summaries of the impressive work Tulsa's diverse nonprofit organizations and community groups are engaged in every day.  You can search for organizations by category or keyword, as well as see all of the volunteer opportunities associated with each organization.  


How to create a Serve Tulsans Volunteer CV

When you volunteer through Serve Tulsans, you are able to create a Volunteer CV (curriculum vitae) that is recognized by the City of Tulsa.  Use this resume to impress prospective employers, colleges, and more.

1) Register with Serve Tulsans and create a profile.

Your personal profile is where you can track your volunteer hours and create a Volunteer CV.

2) Under the Volunteers tab, click on Find an Opportunity or Find an Organization.

By volunteering in Tulsa, you can make a difference while meeting new people who share the same interests. Volunteering provides a great way to expand your professional and personal growth while contributing to your community.

3) Once you have registered for a volunteer opportunity and completed your service, it is time to log your hours by clicking Log Volunteer Hours in your profile.

This customized volunteer CV includes the organization name, details on the volunteer opportunity, skills demonstrated, and a reference from the volunteer manager.

4) Once the organization approves the volunteers hours, you will be able to generate your Volunteer CV.  The CV can be downloaded as a PDF.

The Volunteer CV can be a great way to improve any job or college application.