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     One of the most important parts in our program is dedication to education.  Statistics show a high percentage of Hispanic children in our community, do not graduate high school. Thus they do not have the education or social skills necessary to acquire good paying jobs.

JUVENGAF strives to provide mentors. Not only with school subjects, such as math, reading, writing but with life problems as well. The children meet public figure heads, community service professionals and others who can inspire them. 

JUVENGAF strives to build good character traits, self-discipline, respect and learn to develop good relationships with others.  Disciple aids in success.  We stress this by using a military style of self-discipline to help to them understand respect and the obedience. Before they can learn to lead, they must follow. Learn to follow directions, be respectful and set high standards for themselves and their friends.

JUVENGAF strives to instill good health habits. We promote and practice soccer, basketball, volleyball and general physical activities.

 The children especially enjoy the field trips we take. We have been to the Tulsa Police Academy and to the Tulsa Fire Department Headquarters. TPD have built strong relationships with our program. We have also visited a Doctor’s office, had a trip to the Drillers baseball game and more.


The volunteer most to have a great actitud and be resposable prefernces betwen the ages 18 to 25 years old womens or man and availability to works Saturdays and somtimes the afternons in the week 

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